Starfield: Trailer and info on Bethesda’s upcoming juggernaut

while theE3 was held during the month of June, there is one project in particular to return to: starfield ! “But what about Starfield?” “You will tell me you are right! .’s next big project Bethesda Game Studio (Sheikh manuscriptsAnd the Drops), it will be Sci-fi RPG scheduled for release in late 2022. Microsoft excluded, the project invokes illusions almost as much as a file Cyberpunk 2077 movie on time. Without further ado, the official description:

Starfield is the first new world in 25 years from Bethesda Game Studios, makers of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4. In this next-generation RPG surrounded by stars, you’ll be able to create any character you want and explore with unprecedented freedom. Powered by next-generation technology built into the all-new Creation 2 engine, Starfield takes you on a space adventure in search of answers to humanity’s greatest mystery.

Todd Howard (Bethesda Grand President) is still elusive starfieldAnd the I joked since 2018 It is under development for more than 10 years now. However, the man does not hesitate to describe this new IP address as a file Skyrim in space. What you have to understand is that we will have a very ambitious RPG, designed as a “Han Solo simulator”. Own your own ship, your own avatar with a deep and personal background, to explore a galaxy in the future of the 21st century…so a dream for any space opera lover!

final boundary space

In terms of information, we know that a faction system (again similar to Skyrim) will be in place, of which the Constellation (a group of star explorers) will be the most important. There will be different alien races “proven into a real-world context” (we are talking in particular of intelligent apes resulting from experiments or humans mutating after several decades of life on Mars), as well as battles in spaceships or exploration of cities. finally, Starfield will be playable in first person or third person !

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While that SpaceX affects cinemaThe Elon Musk space program will also serve as the basis for the game’s technical direction. A complete program that quenches our thirst for a short time First trailer introduces the new optical engine (It’s beautiful!) Plus a hoax video teasing some conceptual environments! While waiting for more information before joining the stars next year for that.

Starfield will be released for Xbox and PC on November 11, 2022

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