Starfield in 2021? Xbox reportedly bought ad space for the game this year Xbox One

When is Starfield, the next big Bethesda game coming out? The question everyone asks may be answered at E3 in June. Meanwhile, rumors have been proposing a release in 2021 for a while, and that hypothesis is supported today by recent comments from Shpeshal Ed.

Starfield: Will it be released in late 2021 or early 2022?

We know that Bethesda’s new space franchise is in an advanced stage of its development, but the developer has so far taken care not to show any image of its game since its 2018 premiere.

With COVID, it’s getting tough to ascertain the release dates of games and we’ve seen that with the release schedule turned upside down for a year.

Rumors have been swirling about the Starfield release in 2021 for a while and according to Shpeshal Ed of the Xbox Era podcast, Microsoft actually bought ad space for the game this year. According to him, the publicity about the game should logically coincide with the title’s release, or at least a period close to launch, which is why he thinks the game should do well this year.

Other votes, however, are not of the same opinion. Journalist Jason Schreyer thinks the game won’t be available this year, as does Jeff Group who thinks we should see the game soon, but the 2021 release looks a bit premature. If Microsoft has already bought ad space for the game this year, as Shpeshal Ed confirms, it could also prepare for the release in early 2022 and capitalize on the end-of-year period to communicate about the Xbox’s arrival in the arcade game. Anyway, we should have some news from the project in the coming weeks!

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