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“I can’t wait to see my family,” said the man from Stansted.

In fact, Brian Dubois once saw his family near the border last November, not legally. “My mother, sister, aunt, cousin, and three other cousins ​​met for about ten minutes. We each brought our coffees and chatted a bit before the patrolmen decided to come and tell us what we were doing was illegal.”

Moreover, during the passage exhibition, two men from both sides of the border visited each other on Church Street, near the Haskell Library.

In short, Mr. Dubois is delighted: he will be able to see his family again around August 9th.

“My grandmother wants to come, but it is difficult for her. We can take more steps to see her.”

But he feels like he’s wasting time. “If my grandmother had died, what would we have done?” We can’t go to the funeral. She had a stroke last year and lost much of her independence. She loves her children and grandchildren. We can go and see how she is. When we go, will you recognize us? […] She needs us! I’m nearby and I want to go see her at the weekend. It saddens me. “


Mr. Dubois has already planned to meet family and friends again when they can disembark in Canada. My friend lives in the US and said she can’t wait to come shopping with me, but the first thing we’ll do is eat. I wrote to my aunt to ask if she wanted to come. She called me to tell me that everything was already planned! ”

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“I imagine the customs will be quite full and it will be stricter. We may have to wait a bit,” Quebec continues, rushing to finally see his family.

Brian DuBois is also eager to return to see his loved ones back home in the United States. However, he will not be able to do so before August 21, because the Americans have delayed closing their borders until that date. “When that happens, it will happen. We don’t plan anything, because if it gets put off, we’re still disappointed. But if that happens, I’ll go see my grandmother and buy myself some coffee,” he says, adding that he’s also looking forward to seeing the sea again. other.

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