St. Lupicin. The center development project provides more space and green spaces

On Thursday 11 May at 7pm was held l’Epinette, the general meeting for the development of the village centre. The city council selected Verdi to work on this project. Violine Bouvard, landscape designer and colleague Marc Lopez, project manager, presented the works, which will begin in June 2023, for about a hundred residents. The project will be divided into two parts: the conversion of the sewage network and Village center development. Marc Lopez explains: “The rainwater and wastewater will be separated.” Violin Bouvard presented future developments.

Crossing the village in District 30

“The main street is not very lively, we like to make it brighter, make it more welcoming. On the side of the town hall there will be a two-meter wide beige sidewalk. There will then be a two-meter technical strip with parking spaces, street furniture and small trees. The road will be six in width meters, which would allow two trucks to pass each other, ”says the landscaper. “On the Post Office side, the sidewalk will be 1m 40, which is the standard for people with reduced mobility (PRM). There will be a lock in front of the tobacco shop and a resin tray along Place Voltaire. The village crossing will be in the 30th arrondissement.

“Today, Place de l’Hôtel de Ville and Place Voltaire are not squares but car parks. We want to recover pedestrian space and limit roads while preserving car parks. For the city hall, there will be two one-way streets on either side of the square so that cars do not pass In front of Epinette Both venues will be paved around the edges and covered with settled sand in the middle They will be provided with trees, perennials and street furniture to form small galleries There will be enough space for the preparation of the large summit in front of the town hall and for the fun fair in Place Voltaire Dry toilets, bike racks and rubbish bins will be installed .

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Destroying Waille’s house will allow the place to open up and breathe. The idea is to unify Place Voltaire with the large grove, which will have walkways, picnic tables, a children’s play area, a duo track and a petanque. »

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