St. Fermin: Intergenerational space has been accepted!

The reception took place in this meeting space on a Friday afternoon. It is located near the Bondeau Room.

Work has been completed on the intergenerational development project near the city stadium and André Blondeau Town Hall. The business was received on Friday afternoon in the presence of the relevant service providers and a delegation of San Fermin elected officials headed by Mayor Georges LaCour.
It was about completely rethinking the sector and installing an enclosed space for children (up to 8 years old) with games (swings, slide, turnstile …). Several benches, metal chests and several picnic tables were installed, and a real petanque court (12m x 3m) was created near the children’s space.

The petanque court complements this entertainment offer, which also includes a city court for playing football and table tennis. The company “Creusot Prestation” headed by Fabian Rochet was responsible for the new formulations. The total bill is €45,000 (HT) and the Ministry has allocated a subsidy of 25% of the stadium amount at a cost of €40,000.
Let us add that two surveillance cameras were installed by the company “Informatique Sud Bourgogne” represented by its director, Mr. Guettouche. These two cameras will make it possible to follow the good progress of activity in this sector. “The cameras will record what’s going on and if there’s a problem, we can refer to the pictures in the technical room that’s in the Blondeau room,” Guettouche explained. This installation follows some rudeness observed during confinement. The total amount of the operation is 50,000 euros (including taxes)


Majali Dohert: A Meeting Between Generations!

“We wanted to make this place a meeting place between generations by providing a petanque court, a playground for the little ones… It was also a request from the ‘nannies’, we really wanted to put everything together in the same place. I think the result is good. We can now stroll and near Village hall, for a wedding for example or for events, children can play quietly outside. Other projects are in the works, we really want to develop this sector with the covered lounge in the future, the new rugby locker room…”.

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Georges LaCour: A very useful investment!

“It is a very useful investment, the volatility has hardly been put out more than the children were, proving that there was really a shortage and a real need in this sector. The idea was to have something that serves all generations. And to bring together parents, grandparents, sons and grandchildren. And it works, we have Good comments and we see there are a lot of users, it’s going well, it’s really a good investment…”

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