St. Catherine Street, few masks despite recommendations

If the absence of large crowds at the time can explain this, Emily, the assistant manager of the Rituals store, confirms that her customers have not resumed the mask-wearing habit, despite recommendations. “No one has. It was the same this weekend when there were a lot of people.” Delicate feeling from Juan, a salesman at Paul’s Bakery who opens his office right across the street. “More and more customers are putting the mask back on as they get close to paying,” he says. On the other hand, Joe says, “Be prepared to take it back to the stores. But not in this heat, that’s impossible,” he adds, a few drops of sweat dripping from his forehead.

There is no obligation

This long shopping street is gradually filling up, without the masks being worn by passersby. Danny, who does not wear it, believes it will “take it back to the places frequented by tradition, [s’il] Seeing people wearing them. Stefan is walking around with his nose covered. He admits he caught Covid two weeks ago and wants to protect himself. For him, “You have to go through the obligations, otherwise no one will wear them,” and he notes that the vast majority of people pass in front of him without a mask.

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