Squid: There will be Season 2 on Netflix

Nothing is planned. Nor massive success squid gameNor season 2 of the Korean series. However, this is what its creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, announced: there will be a sequel to the games more sinister than the hand-held games…

Could it be otherwise? With over 111 million views in just 17 days, making it the best Netflix startup ever, squid game It has become a true phenomenon of popular culture, until the series’ clothing has become a more widespread fashion than clothing Stealing money On the occasion of Halloween in 2021. However, it took the creator of the Korean show, Hwang Dong Hyuk, more than 10 years to be able to produce his series, which was written in response to various economic crises. No one really believed it, and neither did Netflix: in its traditional monthly schedule of new shows to be found, the platform never mentioned it in September…

It is by word of mouth, which we shall now call the on-screen keyboard, since it is done on social networks, squid game It has established itself as a phenomenon. Its principle is inspired by the famous Japanese movie battle royale (itself born of a novel), like many miserable deeds, are based on the will to manage the affairs of the poor. 456 of them have been registered, to participate in children’s games, turning them into killer games, and with the probability that the last survivor will win 45.6 million won (about 32 million euros). The program immediately found its sadistic, social and astounding audience, especially thanks to the mysterious atmosphere that reigns there. We won’t cover the plot here, to avoid spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet. The series that everyone is talking about, but after 9 episodes of the first season, there are still a lot of questions squid game You should always answer…

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Lots of pressure for Squid season 2

But all these questions almost went unanswered. because the creator squid gameHwang Dong Hyuk has long reiterated that not only has the show exhausted him, but the second season is completely unplanned. Under pressure from fans, and possibly a bit of Netflix as well, he eventually gave up and confirmed it during an interview squid game Will be back soon for the sequel:

“There was so much pressure, demands, and passion for this second season, it’s like I didn’t really have a choice. But I can guarantee there will be a second season. Imagine it and think about its structure. It’s also very far ahead of time to tell you when and how he’s going to see this. Season 2 Daylight”.

So we understand we may have forced his hand a bit, but he’s going back to work, this time accompanied by other directors and screenwriters, that he’ll oversee. The written work has not yet begun, however, and it will be necessary to be patient to discover the rest of the phenomenon. squid game. Until then, you’ll have plenty of time to refresh yourself by watching Season 1 on Netflix. And if you don’t want your kids to have access to the software and try to reproduce violent scenes in their playground, check out our tutorial for activating parental controls on the big red N platform.

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