Squid Game: Find out where the Netflix series inspired!

Could Netflix’s amazing Squid Game series have been inspired by a real place? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

This amazing place definitely has Inspired by the groundbreaking Squid Game series ! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Squid game place

The Netflix series Squid Game has received an incredible number of views. For those who watched the series. Highly colorful visual of the place He might have jumped in your face.

Heroes owe it up to their necks. They find themselves engaged in one deadly game after another. They wake up in a very strange place Dope colors and shapes.

Hundreds of stairs, walls and doors lead them to rooms where brutal games take place. But will this very special place be real ? Many viewers asked the question.

In fact, netizens believe the stairs were inspired by a building in Spain. It was the architect Ricardo Bofill who designed The place is called “Marla Roja”..

built in the seventies, The place is a series of apartments Linked to courtyards, staircases built on very colorful geometric patterns.

It is also called Mediterranean labyrinth. The location is very similar to the famous Squid Game filming location. So was this place inspiring series producer Hwang Dong Hyuk?

This is of course just a theory for series viewers, but this place is likely to attract millions of fans. And besides, this is the good news. It also presents “Murala Roja” Rentals on Airbnb (Capri, Spain). We want to go for a walk!

And the other places in the series?

Squid is a South Korean series. So inevitably, the shooting took place in South Korea. In fact, the series Daejeon city tour. This city is the fifth largest city in Korea. It is located in the heart of the country, and is relatively close to the capital, Seoul.

Another filming location for the Squid Game series is Seongap Island, which is located offshore from the west coast of the country. It is the largest uninhabited island in Korea.

private area, The island is generally not available to the public to protect its ecosystem. And so we discover this wonderful place thanks to this series!

Other venues (indoors) are filmed in studios. The overall decor of the series is amazing. weImmerse yourself in the colorful and exotic game world !

This is all the originality and charm of the series. These are real groups built And no synthetic images. To find out more about the group’s set, Netflix showed off a series of behind-the-scenes photos from Squid Game!

So we can’t wait to see season two. The end of the series left us in a state of suspense. Everything suggests that the main character (Seong Gi-hun) He will return to the game for revenge.

Currently, the manager claimed that he had There are no plans for the rest of the series. He declared that if there was a sequel, he would likely surround himself with other directors and experienced screenwriters. Continued !

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