Square Enix is ​​launching a special interview series to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy

As part of the celebrations surrounding the 35th anniversary of the popular Final Fantasy series, Square Enix has revealed a series of special interviews. This two-part series is both a celebration of this milestone and a tribute to the recent Pixel Remaster series. The first Interview part aired on July 11, 2023, and featured notable characters from the franchise, including creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, artist Kazuko Shibuya, and brand manager Yoshinori Kitase.

The interview started with Sakaguchi Referring to a meeting with the developers and people he plays FFXIV with, which Shibuya also joins. He humorously mentioned how they blamed the team for the lack of save points in FFIII’s Last Dungeon. Sakaguchi He explained how he ended up apologizing for the development decision, showing his commitment to the players.

About the eighth minute of the interview the meaning of the name Final Fantasy been taken up. Sakaguchi explained how the Fighting Fantasy title influenced their choice. He also stated that the team wanted a game name that could similarly be abbreviated to the Roman alphabet, as was the case with Dragon Quest and its abbreviation DQ. This is how the name FF was born. The band also took this opportunity to discuss and debunk the urban legends surrounding the title.

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