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Critical tests. In good racing conditions, Mir Reale blew the time in the 400 meters yesterday on the race track at Paul Julius Penard: 46 “80. “It’s an amazing performance,” Jean-Marc Hardy, the Dominican leader, gets excited. Thus, it will be on top of this year’s national balance sheets. If he reposted it, it could open the doors for him to the France Espoirs. “ The block was the mass expected after he hit the interesting 21:40 during the club’s test a week earlier. “He told me he managed 400 people differently than usual, mainly by stalling the first 200 people while before he was starting out strong, Hardy says. Despite the fact that he suffered from lactic acidity, he kept his rhythm in turns and managed to reach a straight final with great posture without breaking up. From the 300th century, I felt he would put on a show, he kept his travel scope. “
Besides Reale’s feel, its competitors are part of the same dynamic. Like Cédric Lacouture, who set his record by signing 50 “58 and this, after running the 100 meters just before that, just like Kenzo Valliamé. (51 “86). Results by Matthias Randrianasolo (52 “31) And Ali Al-Masadi (53 “64) Confirmed the idea that Jean-Yves Senazi is doing well in Espoirs.
Among girls, we notice 100 meters of good behavior that Lola Robert signed (12 “79). If the White Eagles fighter has not achieved her best time, this is an honorable result. Follow Elisa Hamilkaro (12 “87) Maeva Bastian (12 “91) Who could be better than that, but the young group, in their first year, definitely wins through their contact with the competition, and it’s the one that flies on their specialty.
42 participants were honored for the day, with less attendance in the middle distance where only two girls and a boy started.

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