“Splitter Critters,” a video game for kids that shakes (space)

This highly effective Canadian game has joined Apple Arcade’s subscription offer. The chance to return to one of the best heirs to the classic “Rodent”. From the age of 8 years.

It has been considered for four years as one of the best games for smartphones and tablets, traitorous creatures The Apple Arcade subscription offer combines with ten additional levels. When it was released in 2017, this small game developed by the Canadians of RAC7 Games team looked like a very effective cross between rodents And Fruit Ninja.

Right from the start, he’s reinvented the game mechanic where the player doesn’t manipulate characters, but rather confusing stupidity, but the environment, in order to lead the herd to their destination. From the second, he renews the tactile gesture, which is instinctive and clear, consisting of chopping the face. In this crevice, right here from the playing area, this traitorous creatures You become surprisingly addicted.

The genius idea of ​​”Splitter Critter” is to shred the screen, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, as with a sheet.

RAC7 games

Sixty paintings are bigger than ever

The purpose of traitorous creatures It’s always the same: helping aliens return safely to their flying saucer. In their own way, they are hardly well-developed cousins ​​of rodents. The yolk always jumps off the edge of the platform but is unable to swim. The blues is their exact opposite. Red, for their part, is no smarter even if they at least have the advantage of sending the slightest predator eager to provoke their wrath.

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genius idea traitorous creatures It consists of tearing the screen, whether horizontally, vertically or diagonally, as with a sheet. All you have to do is slide through the freshly torn sections to reconfigure the terrain and clear a safe course for the ship. No alien should be killed or abandoned, and up to three consecutive tears of ‘space’ are possible. These rules are fixed.

their strength It relies on exactly that delicate balance between limited actions that inevitably involve planning, and a well-proportioned difficulty curve across sixty boards that are always more expansive, intricate, and ingenious. The obstacle course is gradually invaded by rivers of lava, moving platforms, stinging sea urchins, or lasers, as deadly as necessary to activate some critical mechanism. However, the idea of ​​responding to this pile of cleverly arranged obstacles lies in that traitorous creatures Even today, it asserts itself as an environmental mystery that could not be more appreciated.

to play
:t2: Interval Creatures, RAC7 Games. Available on Nintendo Switch, iOS (included with Apple Arcade subscription). From the age of 8 years.

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