Spain, Italy, Greece and France will not present the Green List in the next update

It seems increasingly unlikely that Spain, Greece, Italy and France will be on the “green list” for trips to the UK in the upcoming update, despite the fact that the Minister of Justice says the government is “very keen to see as many countries as possible”. the list.

Robert Buckland said: “This means more vacation opportunities and easier transportation which makes the vacation a distinctly enjoyable experience, so we will continue, as we see in the guide, to add countries.” Sky News.

Meanwhile, the Scottish government has taken a different approach – the four UK medical officials said the green list should be the exception, not the rule, with countries only being added to the green list. List only where there are very good reasons to do so. .

The green list of countries from which travelers do not face any quarantine upon return to the UK is currently limited to only 12 destinations.

Boris Johnson said a “number” of countries could be added to the first review of the traffic light system, scheduled for the first week of June, according to reports. The Telegraph.

He allegedly made the remarks at a Conservative Party committee meeting in 1922, indicating that “impending mistakes” roughly marked in green would likely cut short this time.

The competitors will be Malta, Finland, Grenada, the Cayman Islands, Fiji, the British Virgin Islands, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Turks, Caicos and Anguilla.

But most tourist areas in Europe – Croatia, Spain, Italy, France and Greece – are unlikely to switch from orange to green in the next cabinet reshuffle.

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The Ministry of Transport has yet to follow the “island approach” that characterizes, for example, the Canary Islands and Spain, although infection rates were much lower in the past.

Buckland said he believed “a lot” of the public could be trusted to isolate themselves after a state visit to the Orange List.

He told ITV Hello, Great Britain: “I think a lot of people can count on them to do the right thing when they come back and isolate themselves.”

But he added, “I think we need to repeat these messages: Green is easy going, have fun. Amber isn’t.”

International leisure travel became legal again on 17 May in Britain under the Road Signs System.

Countries are classified as green, orange, or red according to levels of risk and varying severity restrictions assigned accordingly.

While it is no longer illegal to travel on vacation abroad, the government has stressed that destinations on the green list should only be visited for entertainment purposes.

Lors des sessions du PMQ du 19 mai, Boris Johnson a déclaré: “C’est très clair – vous ne devriez pas aller dans le pays de la ‘liste orange’ sauf pour certaines conditions extrêmes, comme la maladie grave d’un membre de the family. You don’t have to go to the “orange list” country on vacation. “.

On the other hand, Transportation Secretary Grant Shaps described the Red List countries as “those that should only be visited under extreme circumstances.”

This has led to some confusion among travelers in the United Kingdom, with many questioning why the countries are not divided into just red or green.

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