Spain, Italy and France… What explains the rise of the right?

Despite the results that came in below expectations, the right made gains in Spain during legislative elections on Sunday. This situation is far from unique to Europe.

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In recent years, right-wing parties have seized power in Poland, Hungary and Italy.

For the associate member of Raoul Dandurand’s president, Guillaume Lavoie, this rise of the right is partly due to the immigration issue.

“With the economic issues of inequality, there is a general sense of negativity and these themes are on the rise,” he explains.

These issues are often taken up by right-wing and centre-right parties, notes Guillaume Lavoie.

In France, the riots of the past few months seem to have given a second impetus to the political right, in particular because of this general feeling of dispossession of ordinary people, says the expert.

“They get the impression that power is slipping out of their hands, and it’s up to him to decideinstitutionby elites, by supranational levels of government […] And they are no longer in power as much as they thought, “says Guillaume Lavoie.

This kind of popular discontent is also observed in the United Kingdom, with Brexit, and in the United States with Donald Trump.

Parties like Marine Le Pen’s party in France are growing because of these issues that are not being answered by other political parties.

“These are parties that talk about things that concern the people and their partiesinstitution You don’t want to talk,” says Mr. Lavoie.

Could the rise of the right win Quebec and Canada? The thing remains possible, the Associate Member of President Raoul Dandurand believes.

When there are tensions facing the outside world, we want to erect walls and boundaries. We’re in that kind of environment now,” he says.

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