SpaceAble, the all-risk space agency based in Korez

It is no coincidence that Julien Cantegreil, president and founder of SpaceAble, has chosen Correz to establish his startup’s third location there in 2021. Located in the southeast of Brive, it offers him “One of the most beautiful skies in France”. An important detail, since SpaceAble’s mission is to monitor near space (the region of Earth’s orbit up to 2,000 kilometers high), where they gravitate “Critical constellations of satellites”. In the context of the exponential growth in space activities, the number of satellites, whether operational or not, but also debris of all sizes, is increasing, and with it the risk of collision.

High added value data

Thanks to the various advanced technologies it develops, the startup seeks to catalog and track space objects, “To find out where the debris is, what the space weather is like, what space hazards are associated with that debris and with space movement…” A lot of data with a high added value for an almost unique service in the world that is of interest to the satellite operators themselves and those who provide them. In short, SpaceAble specializes in hazards, both human and natural, in low orbit. In light of the investments and issues with space equipment, it’s clearly of interest.

Damage from space debris on a satellite: 6.4 mm hole at the entrance, double at the exit

SpaceAble is brilliant for its observations and analytics: “To observe details from 1 to 10 cm, we are developing telescopes, wide-field cameras, and space weather cameras, which we combine with public data and artificial intelligence in particular.”. An activity about telescopes by 20 employees of the Korez site.

Send satellites to the site for 10 mm detail. It is a real technological breakthrough.

But the startup, a true low-orbit all-risk agency, wants to push the expertise even further, “By developing on-site inspection means, that is, by sending satellites to the site to find out the details of less than 10 mm. It is a real technological breakthrough.”admits Julian Cantegril, who believes these flights are first On site It could be done in 2025.

regional docking

The first startup to be able to enter GIFAS, the French Strategic Aeronautics Roundtable of Excellence, SpaceAble is also one of the 20 startups to win the first edition of French Tech DeepNum20. She joined the European projects. recognized across the Atlantic as a “game changer” Space of Tomorrow, the startup has been present at the Paris Air Show since the beginning of the week. In the pavilion of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, it is attended “very discreetly to provide maximum confidentiality”, warns her boss.

Julien Cantegreil, Founder and President of SpaceAble

Having one head in the stars and national and international recognition does not take away Julian Cantegrel’s conviction of this ‘Regional anchoring is very important’. And for good reason, “Support from the region saved us 6 months of work on the telescope.”He willingly confesses. Six precious months in the universe where We are playing against the clock..

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