Space: Thomas Pesquet soon on a mission to the moon?

to infinity and beyond ? After several comebacks were postponed due to unfavorable weather conditions, Thomas Pesquet is expected to return to Earth in the next few days. At the moment, even before his return, the French cosmonaut is already close to participating in a new mission in space.

From 2024, it can take off towards the moon, or rather, towards its orbit. In fact, three flights of astronauts to the future Gateway station have been commissioned to the European Space Agency (ESA). So the most experienced pilots – including Thomas Bisquet – should be sent there. Fulfilling a new dream for an engineer who has never hidden his desire to follow in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong and his family.

Moon Gate is a project of the International Orbital Station for the Moon. At the heart of the new program Artemis From NASA, this portal will serve as a forward post for many missions, starting with sending men to the Moon after nearly 50 years of absence. It could also form a first platform in anticipation of a trip to Mars.

The European Space Agency is one of the main contributors to this construction project. In particular, it must provide housing and supply units, but also provide improved lunar communications systems. The first elements of this future station should be published from 2024, refers to NASA on its website.

Besides Thomas Pesquet, German Alexander Gerst also has great opportunities to join the future moon station. The last place could go to Luca Parmitano or Samantha Cristoforetti, both Italian.

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