Space: The satellite succeeded in photographing the International Space Station as it passed over Tunisia

The Tunisian Astronomical Society (SAT), a non-profit scientific association, managed to take a picture of the International Space Station (ISS), as it passed at dawn Friday over Tunisia.

“Using a complex observing technology aimed at tracking celestial bodies and through applications that aim to adapt the telescope’s speed to capture the details of the station, this black and white image was captured by Dr. Sofiane Kammoun, President of SAT,” said Hicham Ben Yahia, Vice President of the Tunisian Astronomical Society (SAT), Tunisian News Agency.

The image posted on the association’s Facebook page shows the International Space Station as a bright spotlight, but the solar panels installed on the station to power themselves can be clearly seen.

The International Space Station (ISS) is moving at a speed of about 28 thousand km / h and its passage over sites on Earth can be monitored through applications that can be downloaded on smartphones and on specialized sites, including in particular the Heavens Above site.

Bin Yahya explained that “the passage of this giant station over any country is generally an event that the scientific community, especially the astronomer, must follow,” estimating that taking a picture of this station is not an easy thing.

“It requires interesting installation work and is technically challenging by amateur means. But the result is encouraging for the association, amateurs, and the scientific and astronomical community in Tunisia in particular.”

For the International Space Station, which orbits the Earth at an altitude of about 400 km, the scientific stakes are great, especially since it represents a unique experimental field of life and materials sciences and a platform for observing the Earth and the universe.

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