Space: NASA’s spacecraft will collide with an asteroid on September 26

Written by Graziella L. Posted Sep 11, 2022 11:24am

Don’t worry, it’s a voluntary collision that will happen between a NASA spacecraft and an asteroid. This mission, useful for preventing future impacts, will end on September 26, 2022.

In November 2021, a NASA Send a ship into space, destined to collapse 10 months later on me asteroid for the purpose of deviation from the Earth’s axis. this is task test It aims to avoid a collision that could seriously affect our planet in the future. If the ship successfully completes its mission, it will give additional hope of protecting the planet in the event of a dangerous asteroid. Judgment very soon September 26, 2022 !

baptized Arrowthis mission “planetary defense“The orbit of the intruder, a lunar asteroid named Demorphos, must be changed, 160 meters long. After several months of travel, the 19-meter ship will rush at 23,800 kilometers per hour and reduce its speed very slightly, which should be enough to deviate he – she . Camera You must separate from the ship a little earlier, within 20 days, to event photography And transfer the data to the scientists.

waiting, The risk of hitting Earth by 2300 is only 0.057%so humanity does not have to worry much about this aspect.

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