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Good morning all,

While digging through the assembly lockers to make some space, cleaning up damaged leftovers and pseudo-wargames in group form, we came across a strange chest I hadn’t heard of before. dark box space merchant In German, the forgotten Eggertspiele box … … such a publisher should have shed some light on such a game.

Of course I’m still looking for info about this game from my side.
Looks like he was going to do the buzz at Essen 2006. Everyone was tearing it up (maybe I’m exaggerating).
It seems… well, you looked in the box… … it’s a worker recruitment game where workers are hourglasses. A real-time game, but not a speed game.
Reminds me of this kind of mechanics Pendulum And Pearl Games rumors of an upcoming game refer to the hourglass game.
space merchantA game that would be very trendy if released today?

Does anyone remember this game? No trace of it on most game review sites.
Was it that bad?
No fiery part of the site’s great ancients, no sentimental tricky dinosaur conversation…Surprise

For my part, I think I read the rules, happily translated the old-fashioned way on plain paper. I admit that the box and the silence surrounding the game discourage me. Is he hiding a big shameful secret?

There are many opinions about Backgammon, but none related to the game….
…less than…

…Yes, yes, Google has been able to find themes on backgammon, but since I just wrote this post and think I was able to link it to the game correctly, I’ll keep my theme.

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