Space: Another false start for Artemis



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The massive rocket launch of the Artemis mission has been postponed again, Saturday, September 3. Prevent spacecraft fuel leaks from taking off to the moon.

Before going to the moon, a huge rocket must keep its feet a land. After the first failed attempt at the beginning of the week, the launch of the Artemis spacecraft has been postponed again to Saturday, September 3. The reason this time is the detection of a fuel leak at the foot of the rocket when filling the tanks. NASA preferred not to take risks.

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet wanted to put this new NASA failure into perspective. “Eleven space shuttles had to leave the launch pad to return to the hangar, and two of them left twice in a row…And Artemis, for a first mission, is no exception.”Reply on Twitter. This late launch will not affect NASA’s goal of establishing a permanent human presence on the Moon, more than 50 years after it entered the Moon.

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