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Corks are no longer just for wine. Amorim Cork Composites has launched a new combination of cork and thermoplastic that it says improves sound insulation while being more durable than traditional car materials. For many years, many automakers have used textiles shredded and torn from cars that are no longer worn, to insulate vehicles.

Cork does a much better job

This new product, called MAC020 Heavy Mass Layer, is 100% recyclable. Traditional materials, which are commonly used in this sector, cannot claim the same. According to Amorim, this product can be used in cars, trains, buses, and caravans. In fact, all that needs to be insulated is to prevent outside noise from entering the cabin.

no more expensive

This is the final step towards building sustainable automotive solutions that go beyond the obvious. Another example is a vegan interior, although this particular avenue can be a decoy.

Portuguese company Amorim has been manufacturing cork stoppers for over 130 years, and their compound division was set up to research other areas where cork can be useful. As stated, the MAC020 is not 100% cork, but a hybrid including thermoplastic. These plastics come from recycling, which reduces waste.

Better thermal insulation

According to Mr. Amorim, this material is very suitable for cars due to its lightness and durability. It also has thermal and acoustic insulation properties, making it ideal for electric vehicle applications. Contrary to popular belief, electric cars are not as quiet as one might think. Since there is no engine to dampen external and internal noise, audio intrusions are often more noticeable.

No need to cut down a tree to harvest cork

For every ton of cork produced, 73 tons of carbon dioxide is sequestered by the cork oak forest. Trees are not cut down to produce cork. The oak veneer is peeled off by hand so as not to damage it. It strives to use more sustainable materials in the manufacturing process. Even at the top of the range, there’s enough demand for manufacturers like Bentley to offer greener options, and they’re combined with Porsche’s own synthetic fuel, that can be very safe. Greener than the Taycan.

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