Southern Courier | The Hyundai Ioniq 5 is under investigation in the US

The NHTSA has opened an investigation in the US after receiving 30 complaints from American owners of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 model, many of whom “displayed a warning on their dashboard following a loud noise” and suffered immediate minimal or total loss. motive power.

Not recalled at this time

In a recently released statement, Hyundai told NHTSA investigators that the problem was related to the integrated control charging unit that powers the vehicle’s batteries. An initial review indicated that excessive current in the charging unit could damage the transistors, preventing the 12-volt battery from recharging, the report said.

Hyundai will fix the situation

“To address this concern, Hyundai will launch a service campaign in July that will update the affected vehicle’s software and replace the ICCU if necessary,” said a spokesperson for the brand. Since the beginning of the year, Hyundai has sold over 10,500 units of its Ioniq 5.

Origin of the problem

In a complaint submitted to NHTSA, the vehicle unexpectedly accelerated to 30 km/h after traveling at 60 km/h. “No matter how hard I pressed the accelerator, the vehicle…did not exceed 30 kmph,” the complainant said of the incident. “The dashboard also said the speed limit was 30 km/h. I had to stop on the side of the road. I turned off the ignition. I restarted it. Then the car started driving normally again. Fortunately, there were other cars around me and I was able to stop safely. Another information, advanced assistance system. A driver was driving a vehicle at a speed of 120 km/hr when the car overturned and the driver was carried to the beach.Stop on the side of the highway.

A case to follow

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