South Korean diplomat in Vienna to discuss freezing Iranian assets

PARIS (Reuters) – A high-ranking South Korean diplomat will hold talks in Vienna this week with representatives of Iran and world powers meeting in the Austrian capital on the issue of frozen Iranian assets in South Korea, the South Korean foreign ministry said on Tuesday. .

The arrival of Vice Foreign Minister Choi Jong-kun in talks to save the Iran nuclear deal may be a positive sign, as it urges Iran to release funds frozen in several countries due to US sanctions, including $7 billion (6.2 billion euros) in South Korea.

Any release of these funds would require Washington’s approval.

On Monday, discussions resumed between Iran and the signatories to the Vienna Agreement, and indirectly the United States, which withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) at the initiative of Donald Trump in 2018.

Diplomats involved in the talks say they hope for a breakthrough by the end of January or early February, but serious differences remain over the main sticking points.

The South Korean Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Choi Jong-kun and his delegation “will discuss ways to resolve the issue of Iranian assets frozen in Korea” through consultations on the sidelines of negotiations with Iran and in coordination with the United States and France. Germany and the United Kingdom.

(Report by John Irish, French version by Jean-Stefan Bruce)

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