South Carolina governor approves executive order against transgender athletes

The law is one of 43 executive orders that Governor Henry McMaster signed into law on Monday.

And he did not use his social networks to confirm the information, unlike what he did after granting his consent to enhanced parental leave or pre-voting in an election.

Shortly before the South Carolina Senate passed the motion earlier this month, Henry McMaster expressed his views:

He said, I think girls should play with girls and boys with boys. That’s how it always was.

When asked if he talks about boys at birth, the governor replied: Is there another type?

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster

Photo: Getty Images/Sean Rayford

The law states that transgender youth must compete in sports based on the gender identity that appears on their birth certificate.

I think that despite the strong reactions this law generates, it is not an anti-transgender athlete in my opinion. said Republican Senator Benri Gustafson.

She said the goal of this bill should be to recognize the importance of protecting the opportunities of biological women in women’s sports. I’m sorry, but no one will convince me that a trans athlete on a women’s sports team doesn’t have a significant and unfair physical advantage over her female teammates and opponent athletes.

South Carolina is joining other conservative states that require transgender students to respect the gender identity listed on their birth certificate to enroll in sports teams. The governors of Oklahoma and Arizona signed their statutes at the end of March.

Remember that in 2016, the enactment of a law that discriminated against transgender people in North Carolina drew heavy criticism. In response to an ordinance from the City of Charlotte that allowed transgender people to go to the restroom of their choice, the state decided that only gender identity at birth was important.

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The NBA withdrew its February 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte, artists including Bruce Springsteen and Ringo Starr have canceled concerts, and Deutsche Bank has blocked employment in this state. Cirque du Soleil canceled three shows that were scheduled to take place in this state in the southeastern United States.

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