Soon the patient is vaccinated every minute, in the “supercentre” of the Andre Legion space

In Guéret, vaccination will see a new acceleration. This Tuesday, 6 April, an “excellent center” for vaccination opened in the André Lejeune space. The first vaccination center in the city, opened in early January and is located behind the hospital. I became very cramped. Given the severity of the urgent health crisis, the authorities decided to abandon it and create a more efficient center.

1,400 shots are planned for this first week

Once the “Supercentre” vaccination center opened, this Tuesday morning at 9 am, Of patients given for injection. For this first week, the center is not fully operational yet. 1400 punctures programmed. When it reaches its cruising speed, This center will be able to administer 2,500 injections per weekMaybe even 3000Isabel Dumont, Creuse’s ARS Director, says. He is vaccinated only with Vaser and Modern vaccines.

Tents for pre-injection consultations © Radio France
Camille Andre

Concretely, André Lejeune’s room size allowed caregivers to install four grafting lines.

This means we can hear and vaccinate four patients at the same time.

“We will achieve approximately one vaccine per minute.”Translated by Dr. George Shatta. This retired doctor, member of the Medical Syndicate, is responsible for Pre-injection counseling The first day of “supercentre”.

Early patients are rather satisfied

Once you enter André Lejeune’s space, Firefighters greet patients. He directs them to one of the four consulting tents. Another firefighter manages the flow to the bunkers. After a bite, patients are advised to sit down For a few minutes. A nurse answers their questions And make sure there is no reaction to the vaccine.

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Christine accompanies her mother on a second injection. The first injection took place in the old vaccination center. She thinks she was well supported. But with a “super center”, I found that the care improved further : “There are more personnel in the fire brigade. It is more ventilated, and we have the space and the car park is also easy to access. “ Emphasizes.

This center needs many arms to go around

To meet the vaccination demand, this super center needs a large number of personnel. Hospital caregivers are mobilized, liberals, retirees, and firefighters. George Shatta points out:Liberal professionals in activity are encouraged to organize themselves in order to be able to vaccinate, including their patients at this vaccination center..

2,500 injections per week can be given at André Lejeune
2,500 injections per week can be given at André Lejeune
Yves Oliver Abbey

In the vaccination center, general practitioners can Vaccinate more patients in a limited time Than it was in their closet. George Shatta sees that, too Second interest : “General practitioners can only vaccinate with AstraZeneca in their practice. Whereas here we can vaccinate with Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, which patients demand most”.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, the process remains the same. you can call Or use the online platform from the site

This Super Immunization Center continues to work in partnership with: The other six vaccination centers Found in Cruz.

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