Soon a medical center and a space for young people

The municipality has finally pre-empted the building housing a stock-unloading activity on rue de la Source, which had been for some time for a burger company, to create a partly social reception area and a youth reception centre.

monitoring agent

Several meetings were held in the committee. It seems that the value-added tax system will be applied to the sale of parts and the creation of a corresponding additional budget. The credits required for this project will be presented at the Board meeting in October.

Given the increase in the constant nuisance of downtown streets, and deterioration of all kinds, the council voted unanimously to create a position as a Public Highway Control Officer (ASVP). The latter will have the task of assisting the municipal police officer and will interfere with 50% of the police tasks and the other half in the public security service, roads, building control, etc.

An important file for the vote of elected officials was also presented, the file for cleaning in schools and the gym. After consultation, only one file was kept, that of Aber Propreté, and another applicant submitted its file outside the stipulated time. The annual cost of the school is 30,309 euros, while the hall stipend is 16,185 euros. In this topic, the mayor explained that a calculation was studied to carry out these tasks internally, but the difference was not significant compared to the personnel complications that this solution would imply.

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