Soon a cure to “eradicate” Lyme disease?

US researchers have discovered an effective new treatment that can treat Lyme disease without causing side effects.

Lyme disease will be eradicated soon? Researchers from the American University of Northeastern believe they have come up with a new treatment, which can prevent the development of chronic forms of the disease and, eventually, “totally eliminate it”, reports La Dépêche du Midi.

It is transmitted by a tick bite, a bacterial disease caused by Borrelia burgdorferi. The term Lyme disease often refers to “European Lyme disease,” due to the greater diversity in Borrelia. While it is not severe in most cases and can be treated quickly, symptoms can appear in the long term.

These US researchers believe they can now solve the problem by preventing these prolonged symptoms from developing, by discovering a substance that could completely eradicate the disease: a microbial produced by another bacterium, hygromycin A, reports indicate. CNews. “No one was interested in it because its efficacy against bacteria in general is very low,” says one of these researchers. “However, we found it to have exceptional efficacy against spirochetes.”

This antibiotic will eliminate the infection and will not cause any side effects or modify the gut microbiota, unlike other antibiotics.

Today, Lyme disease, or Lyme disease, affects 50,000 people annually in France. 893 patients were hospitalized in 2019 as a result of this infection.

The researchers also plan to eradicate the infection, thanks to baits containing hygromycin A deposited in areas where the ticks are present.

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