Sony chief denounces Microsoft’s bid for Call of Duty

The possibility of purchasing Microsoft Activision Blizzard raises a lot of questions about what will happen to some of the franchises on competing consoles like PlayStation in the future.

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If Xbox’s Phil Spencer confirms there’s nothing to fear, Sony CEO Jim Ryan has given another story on the issue.

During an interview on GamesindustryRyan has made it clear that he has insufficient supply to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation.

Microsoft only offered Call of Duty on PlayStation for three years after the current deal between Activision and Sony expired. After nearly 20 years of Call of Duty on PlayStation, their proposal has not been appropriate on many levels and fails to take into account the impact on our players. We want to ensure that PlayStation players continue to experience the highest quality Call of Duty, and Microsoft’s proposal goes against that principle.

– Jim Ryan

The current agreement between Sony and Activision will be in effect for the next release, Modern Warfare 2, in addition to the following two agreements. In short, if we trust the words of the CEO of Sony, Microsoft is currently suggesting that after this agreement, players on the PlayStation console will be able to continue playing the new seasons of Call of Duty for another three years … after which it must be decided!

And as long as we’re talking about this topic, we’re not yet talking about the fate of games like Overwatch or Crash Bandicoot…

Would this really be the case? We can doubt it, because it will deprive Microsoft of a very important source of income.

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However, before speculating on what will happen to Call of Duty or other games on PlayStation, the deal needs to be approved in multiple countries, which has yet to be implemented.

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