Sony and Netflix sign an exclusive streaming deal for their movies, starting with Morbius

Platforms flow At the heart of the entertainment war, Netflix Being one of the major players in the market. After the cinema went through a deep crisis linked to covid-19 (which is still going on at the time of writing), the American giant announces that it has signed an important agreement. Deal With Sony Pictures, To obtain the franchise of their production distance Show them in the cinema. We define it from the start, a story that no one gets swept into too much.

A priority for Netflix over Sony products

In facts, Netflix Hence, he is entitled to an exclusive 18 months (i.e. a year and a half) window for films by Sony PicturesAfter they go to the movies, and thus at the expense of the other flow. The agreement should be in effect next year with some of the largest the movies, Starting with the movie Morbius from Daniel EspinosaThen follow up on other big production businesses like Uncharted or Bullet Train.

The agreement also stipulates Netflix Production premiere Sony Which will be made explicitly for flowWithout further details for now, the studio can nonetheless afford the relocation and present it elsewhere if the platform does not want it. But the detective Delivery time, Who reports all this, explains that production is actually being supervised between the two parties. It is clear that the scope of the agreement will be felt more in the US market, while our media schedule will in any case force any platform to wait a longer period (three years) after the film is released in theaters before they can. He suggested it in their presentation. But you know what he says captain America About patience is not it?

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