[Société] Continuity of access to breast, cervical and colon cancer screening

To mark the start of the school year in August, CRCDC La Réunion informs about the continuity of organized cancer screening. With or without a health clearance, remember to contact your health professionals to follow up on your appointments.

> Dr. Sandrine Border
General Practitioner, Secretary URML OI

“GPs are as close as possible to patients for individual and structured screening for breast, colon and cervical cancer. But the Covid epidemic is delaying consultations because patients are too afraid to stay in the wards. Waiting… The entire chain of care, from cancer screening to treatment, has been slowed down by this epidemic. Unfortunately, we are seeing cancer reach more advanced stages.”

> Dr. Fong Lian Tran
Obstetrician-gynecologist (CHU)

“Cervical cancer affects 50 to 70 reunited women every year. Let us avoid significant delays in the management of cancers as we sometimes see here in surgery. It is recommended to maintain optimal cancer management through screening. PASS does not stand in the way of cancer screening. Women should be encouraged in their reunification on consulting midwives, gynecologists or therapists as part of their regular gynecological follow-up in the course of their care.”

> Dr. Rafael Huarao
Radiologist, Head of CRCDC – Reunion Island

“In this context of the epidemic associated with Covid 19, another health authority has not been on the alert. Cancer continues to rage unrelentingly. In the current context, some patients are choosing to postpone performing the tests at which the cancer is diagnosed. More advanced stages. Health statement It is screened for breast cancer at the various radiology offices on the island.The same is true for midwives or attending physicians who follow up on patients for colon or cervical screening.

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> Dr. Katia Salama
CRCDC-Reunion Physician Coordinator

“Every month, CRCDC Réunion sends approximately 45,000 letters to Réunion Islanders who are invited to be screened for cancers (breast, colon and cervix). Less than half of them take action. And we have to convince them because 90% of cancers can be cured if they catch on time.”

> Invitation letters in mailboxes

Each month, approximately 45,000 letters are sent to residents of Reunion Island inviting examinations. Screening makes it possible to diagnose some types of cancer at an early stage, thus avoiding heavy treatments. In some cases, screening can detect and treat precancerous lesions before they turn into cancer.

> Are you worried?

Cervical cancer screening: you are a woman between the ages of 25 and 65, you are invited to have a smear every 3/5 years (midwife, attending physician or gynecologist)
Breast cancer screening: you are a woman between the ages of 50 and 74, you are invited to have a mammogram linked to a clinical examination every two years
Colon Cancer Screening: If you are a woman or a man, aged between 50 and 74, you are invited to have an immunological screening every two years.

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> Organized cancer screening in Reunion by the numbers:

Approximately 400,000 residents of Reunion Island concerned are invited to undergo screening each year

1 in 3 Reunion Islanders are affected by cancer screening

384 cases of breast cancer were discovered in 2019/2020

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59 cases of cervical cancer were detected in 2013

82 cases of colon cancer discovered in 2019/2020

As part of the structured examination, the analysis is covered 100%, with no upfront costs

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