Social living space honors volunteer work

The Capestang Life Social Space (EVS) hosted EVS Network Day.

As of 2019, Café de l’Hérault wanted to develop a management dynamic around the creation of a local network of EVS actors. In this context, a partnership agreement has been signed with the Consortium of Social Centers in Languedoc in order to strengthen communication. This brings together 36 EVS professionals and is the subject of meetings, exchanges and exchanges of experiences.

For this new meeting in Capestang, the network wanted to highlight the work of the nearly 600 volunteers they work with on a daily basis.

The work of these volunteers is very important to allow the animation structures of social life, and to implement concrete actions for the benefit of the social bond on their territory. In the context of the health crisis we have just experienced in recent months, their role has been even more important. Grid wanted to thank them for this day dedicated to them.

Moving social life is a constant focus of family and social policy pursued by the family branch of Social Security which is based primarily on social centers and EVs. It is a local, municipal or association structure that affects all masses, families, children and youth. It develops collective actions in response to the needs of the territory, allowing the strengthening of social and family ties and the solidarity of the neighborhood, and the coordination of initiatives that promote collective life and the assumption of responsibilities.

The aim of Café de l’Hérault is to contribute to the cohesion of the most vulnerable regions through the intersection of mechanisms to revitalize social life that meet the needs of families.

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