Soccer Canada must find solutions to its financial problems, says John Herdman

(Toronto) The head coach of the Canadian men’s soccer team has said that “Football Canada” needs to find solutions to its financial problems.

And this must be done quickly, since the World Cup will be presented to the country in three years.

John Herdman spoke to reporters Monday at BMO Field, on the eve of Canada’s Gold Cup game against Guadeloupe.

He was asked about the financial woes of the organization that oversees soccer in the country after TSN aired an interview with Jason DeVos, in which the acting general secretary of Canadian soccer stated that the organization might have to evaluate the possibility of filing for bankruptcy. protection.

We have to find solutions and find them quickly. It is not about finding the culprit. Everyone should stick to each other. Everyone needs to stick together and find a real solution. We have to make sure that our country can do well.

John Herdman

“The players deserve it. The staff deserve it. We shouldn’t be losers after the World Cup.

Herdmann added that he believed that Canada’s participation in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar would have ensured the financial health of the team, while allowing it to reach the next level.

“I think that after our participation in the World Cup, everyone expected that life would be rosy,” Herdman said.

Canadian soccer and its men’s and women’s national teams have been at odds for more than a year. The women’s team is scheduled to attend a training camp on the Australian Gold Coast starting Wednesday.

The women’s team remains without a contract since its previous contract expired at the end of 2021. The men’s team is trying to secure its first real contract.

Earlier this year, the women’s team threatened to strike at the SheBelieves Cup in the United States, but eventually relented as the Canadian soccer team threatened to sue.

In recent weeks, members of Soccer Canada’s management have been called to testify before the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, where they’ve been questioned by deputies about controversial business ties.

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