Snowboardcross: A Season Without Competition by James Savard-Ferguson

At only 3 years oldH For Winter to put all his focus on figure skating, James Savard Ferguson will have to work hard to keep up with the pace of his opponents’ progress. Unlike European countries and the United States, Canada has completely canceled all competitions in this sport.

“At this point, I am still in the phase of developing my experience of a track on ice with other athletes. At the moment, I don’t have the possibility to do that, so other people who have played the sport for more years than me, have been able to compete against other athletes more times than me.” The main interested party said.

The youngster from By Saint Paul had to spend the last few months playing sports without a coach due to health restrictions. But for two weeks, he manages to find his coach, but above all, he is again allowed to train in groups of 4. Flexibility is welcome, but far from real competition as he can see where he is compared to other skaters in his age group in the country.

“It’s tough, we have no one to compare ourselves with. That’s why we often go upstairs with competition friends. The fact remains that in the end, we can’t compare ourselves in the group,” added the person who took advantage of the pandemic to go to Massif de Charlevoix on several occasions To train.

The 16-year-old is taking advantage of the break to develop other skills on an individual basis.

“We threw the towel in the season, but not at the training. We are continuing the physical and mental preparations and preparing for the next season. We are taking the time to focus on the things that we cannot do in normal times.”

Savard-Ferguson hopes to be able to qualify for the Snowboardcross Junior Worlds next winter.

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