Snapchat will make real augmented reality glasses, and a selfie drone

The following form from Spectacles glasses, From Snapchat, it should include real screens to directly display augmented reality effects. However, it wouldn’t be a mainstream product: It would be for developers and creatives. The goal is to allow them to visualize experiences before introducing the product to other users.

Apple and Facebook in an ambush

At the moment, the latest shows, released in 2019, capture 3D images and movies, but the images are then processed on the smartphone.
This next pair could represent a major technical breakout. This should show great concern on the part of Snapchat, which has suffered failures with its previous three models. The first would have made him lose $ 40 million.
If her stubbornness in the field is confirmed, she will also have to face competition from major players such as an Apple And The social networking site Facebook, Who also want to release augmented reality glasses.

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Snapchat is also said to be pursuing a drone project run by the Snap Lap Hardware division. Intuitively, it will be intended to take the most wonderful selfies … Rumors have circulated about this topic since 2017, Driven by the acquisition of an industry-based company and investments in a Chinese startup.

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