Snapchat turns a JD Sports storefront into an arcade machine

The social network continues the series of collaborations thanks to its specialization in the field of augmented reality. With Lenses – always getting more creative and appreciated by its users – Snapchat attracts many brands. This is especially true of JD Sports, the athletic footwear and apparel retail giant. In front of his shop in London, a virtual experience awaits passers-by. They can discover, thanks to the Snapchat app, the Arcade Station at the front of the store!

“King of the game”

this is Augmented reality experience It is a continuation of the TV campaign launched by JD Sports last November. he claims “King of the game” It highlights scenes that take place in a world full of arcade games. JD toys are marked with neon lights.

This campaign, and the augmented reality experience that closely follows it, sets the stage for the publication of “JD Arcade”. concept? Arcade games will be placed virtually at strategic locations during the month of December. We will find them in some of the major cities in the UK such as Bristol, Dublin, Manchester or Glasgow. Thus, whoever plays it can hope to win prizes.

Image credit: YouTube JD Official

Snapchat and JD: An Arcade Machine for Augmented Reality

The experience of the moment is meant to be original and fun. For passers-by who want to test it out, they just have to scan the Snapcode on the front of the store right with the app. You must then activate the Snapchat camera in front of it for the augmented reality experience to start working. This is when a claw crane appears, similar to the one in the TV spot. Players can try their hand at catching different pairs of sneakers or stuffed animals. “King of the game”.

Image credit: YouTube JD Official

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