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theThe Chaudière-Appalaches Center for Integrated Health and Social Services (CISSS-CA) issued a smog and smoke warning from bushfires on Monday.

This yellowish smoke contains toxic and polluting particles. Older adults, children, and people with respiratory or cardiovascular problems are at risk of developing symptoms associated with smog. The same goes for those who work or engage in strenuous physical activity outdoors. The Ministry of Public Health recommends that citizens at risk restrict their outdoor activities.

Exposure to smog may cause eye and respiratory irritation, wheezing, chest tightness, and pain when breathing deeply.

It is recommended to stay indoors and close windows and appliances that bring outside air into the home for people who are bothered by smoke.

One hundred and thirty-eight fires are active in northwest Ontario as of July 25 and Manitoba is reporting the same number according to the latest Government of Canada figures, dated July 21.

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