Smash Bros. Ultimate and Splatoon 2 have become officially recognized college sports in American schools.

Nintendo of America announced a partnership with PlayVS which are two of its best online games recognized as official high school events.

From fall 2021, both are Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Yeah Splatoon 2 It will be added to PlayVS High School Leagues, allowing teams from participating high school schools in the United States and Canada to compete against each other in online matches. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe It will also join the squad in the spring of 2022.

Bill Trainen, Nintendo of America’s Chief Product Marketing Officer, shared:

“We know that there are many Nintendo fans with an amazing talent for video games and are looking for new ways to explore competitive play and enter tournaments. Working with a community-led organization like PlayVS is an important next step as Nintendo expands our business. Supporting competitive play and helping more players get involved in it.” Explore games in a competitive space High school students across the country will be able to test their Nintendo Switch gaming skills in a competitive environment and hopefully make some great memories along the way. “

Is it just us, or does he seem so tall since we last heard from Bill?

As part of the new deal, PlayVS and Nintendo will provide Nintendo Switch systems to hundreds of select schools participating in the PlayVS Nintendo League this school year. Review details will be shared at a later time, but anyone interested in learning more about the new program can find more information on the PlayVS website. Here.

We definitely wouldn’t have run away from PE much if we could play Super Smash Bros. Instead of swimming. What a missed opportunity.

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