Smartphones are no longer necessarily sold with headphones

Parliament adopted a law on the digital ecological footprint on Tuesday. Among the proposals: End the obligation to sell headphones with smartphones

On Tuesday, Parliament finally adopted, by the final vote of the Senate, a bill aimed at reducing Digital environmental footprint. Among the proposed actions: Ending the commitment of smartphone manufacturers to provide headphones at the time of purchase.

This obligation was a French exception, implemented in 2010 under the Grenelle II law, which specified that mobile phones could not be “marketed without an accessory that would make it possible to reduce head exposure to photoelectric emissions during communications”.

health and environment

Now, manufacturers will simply be required to ensure that headphones compatible with their phone model are commercially available, without the need to supply them.

Does this mean that the risks associated with exposure to electromagnetic waves when wearing the phone in the ear have disappeared? Not right. According to Senator L.R. Patrick Chase, law rapporteur, interrogate him Frandroid, this argument simply no longer has weight in the face of an “important source of waste”.

The senator also adds that the World Health Organization has so far “disproved a proven causal relationship between exposure to electromagnetic fields produced by mobile phones and chronic disease” and that “there is nothing to suggest that the free supply of headphones protects these more extensive users from identifying health risks” .

7% of greenhouse gas emissions

According to the work of a Senate media mission, if nothing is done, by 2040 digital technology will be the source of 24 million tons of carbon equivalent, or about 7% of greenhouse gas emissions. greenhouse in France, compared to 2% today.

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Smartphones, tablets, and computers are believed to be responsible for approximately 70% of the impact of digital technology.

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