Small space: 19 square meters of highly innovative and improved Niel Street

In this large volume made entirely of oak veneered carpentry, to the left of the large enclosed cabinets at full height and to the right the kitchen partition. In the back, a sliding door leads to the bathroom. The light oak kitchen and its vertical column including storage and niche are complemented by an almost black island that houses a mini fridge, sink, hot plates, microwave and storage including a sliding drawer on the aisle side. The island, made of lacquered oak veneer — and trimmed with saws to the cladding effect — accommodates a Zimbabwean black granite worktop as well as an integrated sink and black mixer tap. It interacts with the built-in shelves suspended above which are L-shaped and treated with light oak. “The idea was to make a small object that would be placed like this, around which everything would spin and be fused.”

Cabinet doors without handles and clean, flowing lines are essential in a small space so as not to overload the visual field. Steel niche lends a touch of contrast with the joinery. Parquet (copal).

In order not to arrange the space too much, waterproof parquet extends from the living room partition into the bathroom interior, unifying the floor. Behind the sliding door, the bathroom is treated with waxed concrete. Only the furniture unit of the built-in washing machine is light oak. Above, another closed cabinet containing the hot water tank, horizontally. Basically, an existing niche is updated. “He found himself right above the bathroom. The source of natural light is always a happy surprise.” There is no shortage of light in this apartment located on the seventh and last floor, with two windows, one on the side of the living room and one on the side of the bedroom. Because here everything is white, light oak with a touch of island black in a discreet and elegant elegance, which lends all its character to the place.

In the oak cabinet in the kitchen, a niche can accommodate a coffee machine and a fruit bowl so as not to clutter the work surface. The cabinet doors discreetly contain a microwave. Sink in black Evisone.

© BCDF Studio

The bathroom hides behind a sliding door. Pure geometry responds to the vertical lines of the island’s inclination and suspended volumes. Mixer (delta faucet). Switches and sockets (Jung)

© BCDF Studio

Polished concrete bathroom, light and bright. Under the sink is a built-in washing machine. Above, the balloon is installed horizontally in a safe. Washbasin (ManoMano), taps (

© BCDF Studio

The plan of the apartment after the works.


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