Slap Will Smith: Netflix boycotts its projects with the actor

After the actor slapped Chris Rock during the Oscars, Netflix and Sony decided to boycott their projects with Will Smith.

Slap Will Smith is not without consequences for the actor. While the topic has been fueling the media since the Oscars, concrete action has now been taken. In fact, the actor’s projects with Netflix and Sony just stopped.

Resignation from the Academy

On the Netflix side, it’s the movie “quickly And the flexible” Who is involved. While the platform was already looking for a new manager after David’s departure Leach Ahead of the Oscars, Will Smith has now been taken out of the project. He’s set to play a crime boss with memory problems, reports ECM.

Sony, for its part, chose to rein in “Bad children 4 “while filming had just begun. However, Will Smith will do well on the feature film poster.”Release‘, was produced for Apple +Because the shooting is already over. If Netflix It must be The camp has already been chosen, and it remains to be seen if Sony will reconsider its decision. For his part, Will Smith submitted his resignation Friday from the Oscar Academy, and is waiting to know the possible penalties against him.

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