SlamBall will be back next summer

On television in the early 2000s, you might have seen a strange sport on RDS where people would jump on a trampoline to play what looked like a basketball game from a dystopian future.

Thanks to the unique and sweet voice of Michel Vervac-Larus, the Slam Bowl has had its small niche on the sports network’s broadcast waves and, like Mini-Putt, is remembered by people without really knowing the specifics of the organization.

A typical sport that gets you off the ground, but not necessarily a date for live matches.

The return of the four slams

Twenty years after SlamBall debuted on television, the founder of the league Mason Gordon told He will return with his unique sport in the summer of 2023.

As we showed you a few years ago on the site, SlamBall is a pretty amazing system that has unfortunately disappeared since 2008 despite rumors of a comeback around 2015.

The SlamBall is more than just basketball on a trampoline.

Some rules:
Four players from each team compete on the field
Drop hits made after jumping on a trampoline have three points, as with throws made outside of the arc (other baskets equal two points)
– Substitutions are unlimited and can be made at any time, not just during downtime
It takes 15 seconds to score when in possession of the ball
The court is surrounded by glass walls, so the ball does not go out of the playing area

So, in 2023, we were able to see this very entertaining system which, at one point, had very enviable reviews on Spike TV in the US.

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What was special about watching SlamBall was the presence of a check, unlike basketball.

One would think that having a trampoline everywhere reduces injuries, yes, but not systematically.

Several years ago, his foot got stuck between a trampoline and breaking it was absolutely horrible. So much so that YouTube won’t let us share it in the article, so click at your own risk.

Does RDS jump on the ball to get the SlamBall back into the air? If so, we know that Swiss sporting amusement knife Michel Labrisse would be quite an animator.

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