Sky Sports debuts real-time GPS information over the weekend in the Magical UK Super League | rugby league news

Catapult’s GPS tracker will help provide real-time statistics to Sky Sports viewers

Sky Sports will break new ground during this magical Super League weekend by providing real-time player GPS stats directly to the viewer at home during their live coverage.

Linking to Catapult means that data from GPS devices worn by players from all 12 Super League clubs collected during the six weekend matches at St James’ Park in Newcastle will be transmitted directly to the broadcaster and delivered in real time to the viewer.

The information will focus on three main metrics, the distance each player travels in metres, the maximum speeds attained, and the intensity of the game measured in the number of meters a player travels per minute, with the top 10 players in each category. Regular season so far. his release.

Castleford Tiger vs Salford Red Devils

September 4, 2021, 2:55 pm

live from

Saint Helens vs Catalan Dragons

September 4, 2021, 5:15 pm

live from

Leeds Rhinos vs Hull FC

September 4, 2021, 7:30 p.m.

live from

Huddersfield Giants Resist Wakefield Trinity

September 5, 2021, 12:55 pm

live from

Wigan Warriors vs Rington Wolves

September 5, 2021, 3:00 pm

live from

Leigh Centurions vs. Hal KR

September 5, 2021, 5:30 p.m.

live from

“We are really excited to be adding live GPS data to the Sky Sports broadcast of Dacia Magic Weekend,” said Rodri Jones, Commercial Director of the Premier League.

“All parties have put in a tremendous effort to make this happen, but this UK premiere will bring Sky Sports viewers even closer to the action.”

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“It will give anyone watching a better understanding of what it takes to play rugby league at the highest level.”

intensity/average velocity top 10

Ring player Installations average speed m/min
1 Danny Hutton (Hull FC) vs. Warrington (M3) 106.9
2 French from Bevan (Wigan) against Leigh (R6) 105.8
3 Lachlan Cote (Saint Helena) against Salford (R6) 105,1
4 Joe Shoroux (Wigan) vs. Wakefield (R15) 104.8
5 Lachlan Cote (Saint Helena) vs. Warrington (R10) 104.8
6 Theo Vaggis (Saint Helena) against Salford (R6) 104,4
7 Jack Welsby (Saint Helen) Against Hull KR (R2) 103,9
8 Josh Thewlis (Warrington) v Wigan (R12) 103.7
9 James Ruby (Saint Helen) against Salford (R6) 103.5
dicks James Ruby (Saint Helen) vs. Warrington (R10) 103,4

Premium athletes rely on Catapult’s mobile solution, Vector, for the most accurate and efficient data to make critical decisions about performance, risk, and return to play.

Vector is the world’s smallest GNSS/LPS device, offering improved algorithms, communications, and functionality.

At home and abroad, Vector combines advanced GNSS capabilities with Catapult’s ClearSky LPS to set new standards in tracking accuracy and reliability.

Top 10 max speed

Ring player Installations km / h the Lady
1 French from Bevan (Wigan) against Castleford (R4) 35.6 9,91
2 Ennis Senior (Wakefield) vs Huddersfield (R18) 35.4 9,84
3 Lee Kershaw (Wakefield) vs Hull FC (R4) 35,3 9,82
4 Joe Burgess (Salford) vs Huddersfield (R10) 35,3 9.81
= 5 Reagan Grace (St. Helen) against Leigh (R5) 35,1 9,76
= 5 Ennis Senior (Wakefield) Against Hull KR (R21) 35,1 9,76
7 Tom Briscoe (Leeds) against Wakefield (R6) 35,0 9,75
8 Liam Marshall (Wigan) vs Huddersfield (R14) 35,0 9,73
= 9 Joe Burgess (Salford) Against Hull KR (R9) 34,8 9,68
= 9 Ryan Brierley (Lee) vs Hull FC (R10) 34,8 9,68
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“The Premier League is an exciting league with a proven track record of innovation,” said Will Lopez, CEO of Catapult. “We are excited to showcase fan performance analytics that enable athletes and coaches to gain actionable insights into player performance, health and well-being from our data.”

The use of live GPS data follows other notable innovations from Sky Sports and the Super League, with video referee and locker room cameras ahead of any other sport.

This latest announcement, following the recent expansion of the partnership between Sky Sports and the Super League, also underscores the 25-year relationship and desire to bring fans closer to the action.

Mileage top 10

Ring player Installations distance (m)
1 Jack Welsby (Saint Helen) Against Hull KR (R2) 9993
2 French from Bevan (Wigan) against Leigh (R6) 9891
3 Josh Thewlis (Warrington) v Wigan (R12) 9869
4 Lachlan Cote (Saint Helena) vs. Warrington (R10) 9525
5 Sam Powell (Wigan) against Leeds (R3) 9393
6 Theo Vaggis (Saint Helena) vs. Warrington (R10) 9387
7 Danny Hutton (Hull FC) Against Hull KR (R20) 9383
8 Mark Keenan (Lee) Against Hull KR (R18) 9375
9 Lee Gaskell (Huddersfield) against Salford (R10) 9356
dicks Niall Evalds (Castleford) v Wigan (R22) 9346

This relationship continues to thrive, with Super League viewing numbers up 10% from 2020 and 25% from 2017.

will give development Air SportsSuper League commentators have instant access to intricate tracking details, which means that truly comprehensive analysis can be done more thoroughly, showing viewers the intense sportsmanship of the players on the field.

“Sky Sports aims to bring fans as close as possible to the heart of the action on the pitch, so we are pleased to be able to share this detailed statistic information with Super League fans tuned in to Dacia Magic Weekend,” Multi-Sports Sky Sports Director Helen Falkos said.

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