“Skull Island” (Netflix): The MonsterVerse has been developed into an animated series

Pitch: A crew of intrepid scientists drown during an attack by a fearsome Kraken sea monster. Three of them are alive. With the help of Annie, who is lost at sea, they head to a desert island. They don’t know that Skull Island is home to monsters.

More creatures

Godzilla and King Kong haven’t said their last word yet! After four MonsterVerse movies, an animated series will debut on Netflix. Consisting of eight episodes in 2D animation, this new production is inspired by the world of manga. The techniques are not very innovative but they are elaborate. What makes for quality entertainment on Skull Island?

To expand the cinematic universe, the series reveals all of its cards and brings new prehistoric creatures to the screen. So humans are forced to face terrible dangers and survive. Once again, “Skull Island” delivers on its promises but the story is deja vu.

In his defense, it was difficult to delve into ambitious plots while maintaining a “MonsterVerse” spirit.

Season 2?

The series has been released and barely watched, Netflix subscribers are wondering if a second season is planned. At the moment, nothing has been confirmed yet. But given the warm reception it received and its many scenario development possibilities, the animated series has every chance of renewal.

For those who lack fantastic creatures, we recommend “troll” And “Viking Wolf”.

Also, in the meantime, other MonsterVerse movies are available on Netflix. The first season of “Skull Island” is also (re)seen. teaser:

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