SkateBIRD postponed to September 16

in a Pretty funny video developers SkateBIRD They announced the postponement of the match. Originally scheduled for August 12, the team at Glass Bottom Games will now propose a September 16 date. Obviously, the title that mixes ollie and birdie will still hit Xbox Game Pass once it’s released.

You may have already tested this game last year during Xbox Summer Game Festival. Unfortunately, you will have to wait an extra month before doing the best tricks with a chick. The developer says the delay is a reflection of their commitment to simultaneously ship the game to all platforms. Glass Bottom Games has also confirmed the existence of post-launch support, including “Pet the Bird Mode” and a “Skate Heaven” scene.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but SkateBIRD has always been a game where you have to do your best, and we owe it to our funders, fans, and fellow bird enthusiasts, to deliver the game in top condition. As a small independent studio, getting certified across multiple platforms requires a lot of extra work. Launching on September 16, 2021 allows us to step up our efforts to make SkateBIRD reach PCs and consoles on the same day!

Megan Fox, Fondatrice de Glass Bottom Games

If you want to experience the great mix of skateboarding and ornithology, note the date September 16th. In fact, SkateBIRD It will be available directly on Xbox Game Pass.

SkateBIRD Postpone Trailer

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