Siniat Box is a digital space for craftsmen

The new Siniat Box space aims to support craftsmen, plasterers, masons, painters, carpenters, plumbers and electricians, bringing together all Siniat tools and services.

Accessed via the brand’s website ( or, the Siniat Box is designed to help craftsmen on a daily basis and save them time on construction sites. Includes 4 tools:
mymoplak, A tool to compare and help select Siniat art paintings for individual homes.
• The selection of craftsmen, A document providing solutions for partitions, ceilings and insulation for construction or renovation.
Professional account , A tool for calculating the amount of materials needed to implement a project, which can be downloaded in PDF format.
• a interactive map To locate the Siniat partner point of sale closest to the location.
Which are complemented by 4 services:
• From Online training Siniat has adapted to the character and needs.
• From implementation lessons From You Tube Siniat France.
• me’literal information, A monthly newsletter dealing with various practical topics.
Almoayyed Senyat Council, Technical assistance that provides prompt answers on technologies, regulations, technical and supporting documentation needed for project development as well as implementation advice.

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