Simone Biles impressed with an unprecedented jump in competition [VIDÉO] | Sports Daily

TheFive-time Olympic gold medalist completed Yurchenko’s jump in the US Classic Double Back Salto in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Biles managed to make the jump so fast and forcefully in her run that she backed off slightly on landing.

“I was just telling myself that I had to do it like training, without overdoing it, because I lean, as soon as I get my hands on the race, I want to control everything. I did it a little bit, but at least I was still standing on my feet in The end, then it is a new leap. “

Videos of her coaching success had roamed the internet last year, with LeBron James re-tweeting one privately, but the performance had not yet been repeated in a women’s competition, which had never happened before.

“It’s nice to see all this support,” Biles said, adding that she felt “confident” as the US Championships, which will be held from June 3-6, approaches. Which will be followed by the US Olympic Picks from June 24-27.

Obviously, she’d be the biggest candidate, but she still had a little bit of work to do, because everything wasn’t perfect in her Saturday tally.

In addition to stepping backwards when landing the jump, she had a small obstacle on the ground and on uneven bars. But she won everywhere with 58,400 points, ahead of Jordan Chiles (57,100) and Kayla D’Esilo (56,100).

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