Simalin. Tobacco-free area around the school

Stop, no sign, cigarette with a cross, among other things, drawings drawn in green on the ground using stencils, by five children of CM2 to indicate to parents that the waiting area near the school is a tobacco-free space.

After the agreement signed between the city and the Cancer Control League (you’ll read in a future edition), tobacco-free places are now in place. Annette Faith, Mayor of the city, accompanied by her deputies M. Rickard and Benazeth, representatives of the Cancer Control League, and the town’s technical officials attended to congratulate those children who understood their gestures and who knew well that these drawings were intended to encourage adults to quit smoking.

The principle of the Tobacco-Free Space operation is to identify the outdoor areas frequented by the youngest without tobacco consumption. The reasons for choosing these places are to reduce the initiation of smoking among young people and encourage smoking cessation, eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke, especially among children, and protecting the environment from cigarette butts and fires. So it was obvious that one of these tobacco-free places was located near the schools.

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