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Now halo not only with a remake of the legendary Episode II, but also with a new movie and three related projects – Silent Hill: Townfall, Silent Hill f and Silent Hill: Ascension – the Konami series doesn’t seem to want to say the last according to the words of the current license producer Motoi Okamoto.

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In columns for IGN JapanThe latter specifies that it is time for the Japanese publisher to welcome project ideas:The fact that we wanted to bring Silent Hill back into the spotlight was a secret until now, so we couldn’t really shout from the rooftops, “Hey everyone, tell us about your plans with Silent Hill!” But we can do that now. So if creators around the world, who love Silent Hill, submit their projects to us, come back to check them all out.

Therefore, there is a relatively open approach, following the attempts to develop the series’ fantasy – particularly with Silent Hill f – that Okamoto emphasizes: “I’m glad to see that players are responding positively to Silent Hill f, a Japanese style horror game. And all this with interest stronger than I could have expected. Silent Hill’s future looks bright. I think what’s important about the show is that it’s unique and driven by great, quirky artistry, and I’d like to stay focused on that vision.Thus, this is wishful thinking, which, given Konami’s commitments to its licenses, could be taken for granted.

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