Shy’m and Lucie Lucas together to select a new detective series

On the occasion of their attendance on Monday, April 4th at Cannes, Lucy Lucas and Shem announced that they are going to play together in a new detective series called “Cannes Confidential”.

The singer and actress from Clem will be accompanied by British actor Jimmy Bamber, who is particularly known for his role in the movie “Battlestar Galactica”.

“Cannes Confidential” will be inspired by “Amicalement Vôtre” and the movie “La main au collet”, according to information from Télé-Loisirs. Filming for this new series, which was co-produced by the US, UK, Sweden and France, will begin on April 17th.

During the six episodes, Lucy Lucas will play a police lieutenant from the Cannes area and Chi Hee will be Leah, a police officer from her team.

“We will be shooting in English, so for me it takes more preparation, as She explained in the columns of Le Parisien. I am far from bilingual, I work with a coach. With Lucy, we have been following the physical exercises in self-defense and combat For a week.. Everything is new, it is great to get acquainted with her in this place.

Regarding the story, “Camille and Lea can’t get rid of Harry because he helps them with certain investigations. He finds himself there a bit like a parasite. Léa checks him out heavily, she has a lot of mistrust and she doesn’t like this character. He’s relieved,” the singer told Télé-Loisirs. Very, slightly improvised and terribly charming.”

The actor also gave some secrets about his character, Harry. We don’t know anything about its history or why it was there. He is trying to escape something from his complicated past. Harry easily mingles with all circles of Kahn’s society and finds himself in this city as if he were at home, even if he was a foreigner,” he said.

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