Show Me Your Voice: M6 is relaunching its musical game sponsored by Issa Doumbia

M6 is relaunching its music project. According to our information, Nicolas de Tavernost is preparing to release “Show Me Your Voice” in the coming weeks, a program produced by Warner and adapted from the successful South Korean format “I Can See Your Voice”.

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In this entertainment, an unknown husband, with the support of celebrities, will conduct an investigation in an attempt to uncover the good and the bad singers among a troupe of performers. Accuracy: The interviewers will not hear the voices of the singers and will have to rely solely on their appearance or position on stage to judge their level. Those nominated as good singers by the contestants will perform on stage and everyone will then be able to hear their voices, for better or worse if the candidates are right, they will earn an amount of money. Consequently, “Show me your voice” takes an opposite view of “voice”, in which only the sound, without the image, prevails in the eyes of the jury.

Expected in prime time by summer on the M6, after being postponed due to a health crisis, according toParisian“This new musical game will be hosting Issa Doubia, who has already been seen in many W9 entertainment shows. Among the celebrities who will assist the nominees’ spouses, according to our information, viewers will be able to find in particular Elodie Frégé, Elodie Gossuin or even Philippe Lelouch.

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Format exported to many countries

The release of “Show Me Your Voice” would mark a great return to the prime-time M6 musical, the genre that is currently on the rise, like the success of the first two seasons of “Mask Singer” on TF1, an adaptation of another successful South Korean format. In summer 2018, the six actually tried their luck with “Secret Auditions,” a French innovation embodied by David Ginola and Eric Antoine, or in 2019 with “Together, tous avec moi”, worn by Eric Antoine and Garrowe. These two shows did not find their audience in the end.

The M6 ​​may have better luck with this mod than “I can see your voice,” a format already exported to about fifteen countries. It is airing significantly on FOX in the US and on RTL in Germany and expected on BBC One in the UK and on Antena 3 in Spain this year.

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