Show in Paris Nord for Eurostar travelers

The French government has adopted a strengthening of anti-Covid measures in the face of increasing pollution cases in the UK. The country is now classified as an Orange Hazard, this means that there is a file active trading virus in Controlled proportions. from where New procedures for travelers via Eurostar between Paris and London. It has been in effect since November 1.

The Police Department determines the following:
– for the vaccinated traveler (full vaccination schedule), forEntering the territory
The capital is not subject to any restrictions.
– Yes A traveler who has not been vaccinated (or if his or her vaccination schedule is incomplete), must Provide a compelling reason to enter the Capital Territory. and the present a PCR or antigen test less than 24 hours before departure. He will also likely be checked when he arrives in the area.

In the face of this latest surge in delta covid cases in the UK, a police mandate has been set up COVID-19 screening scheme set in Gare du Nord. The system benefits from the support of the Central Directorate of Border Police (PAF) and the French Federation of Rescue and First Aid (FFSS – an accredited association for civil security).

French border police check the vaccination status of travelers at London St Pancras station. Upon arrival at the Gare du Nord, a filtering device located on the arrival platform will direct unvaccinated travelers (or those who have not been able to provide proof of a complete vaccination schedule) to a designated screening centre, installed in the terminal hall. It therefore becomes necessary to plan for longer transit times of the two stations.

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